Reiki is a gentle technique. It works not only at the physical level, but also on psycho-energetic levels of personality, promoting "body-mind-spirit" balance. During a treatment, we can get a deep relaxation: blood pressure and muscle tensions are reduced. Its main characteristics are:

  • It is a simple technique
  • Its positive effects can be easily tested
  • It gives emotional and mental balance
  • It has no contraindications

The word Reiki is made by two parts: REI, describing the universal aspect of this energy, and KI, the vital force flowing through each being. The origin is related to dr. Mikao Usui, who, betwenn the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century, used to teach in a Christian school, in Japan. Here he began his research on a healing system, in a Buddhist monastery near Kyoto. He found some inspiring manuscripts. So, after a long time of meditation, he had an enlightening experience and, come back to the world, he started to put into practice the outcome of his own experiences. This is the legendary origin of Reiki, which, afterwards, developed thanks to Hayashi, Takata and Phyllis Lei Furimoto.